As internationalization progresses, foreigners of various nationalities and regions are staying in Japan as well.
Foreign nationals residing in Japan are permitted to engage in activities within the scope of the “status of residence” and “period of stay” determined at the time of landing, but if there is a reason such as wanting to change the status of residence or renew the period of stay, they must obtain “permission” from the Immigration Bureau in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Japan.
If you stay illegally or engage in activities outside the scope of your residence permit without permission, you may be deported from the country in some cases, so the procedures at the Immigration Bureau are essential for foreigners to lead a smooth life.

The work that supports such procedures is called “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services.”

The main cases and procedures covered by support are as follows:
・I want to renew my period of stay → Application for permission to extend my period of stay.

・I want to change my status of residence → Application for permission to change status of residence.
・ I want to do activities outside of the status of qualification → Application for permission to engage in activities outside the status of qualification.
・I want to re-enter the Japan → Application for re-entry permit
・ I want to live in Japan forever → Apply for permanent residence permit
・ I want to acquire Japan nationality → Application for naturalization permission

Generally, regardless of which application is made, the foreigner himself/herself is required to apply (the principle of appearing in person).
This is because it is most appropriate to confirm the applicant’s identity and the applicant’s intention to apply.
However, since our office has the qualification that allows us to act as an agent for such applications, we can submit documents related to immigration/residence related applications as “Certified Visa Specialist (administrative scrivener who has received special training and has notified the Immigration Bureau)”.
As a result, you will be “exempted” from the obligation to appear in person, so you can concentrate on your work and studies, which will lessen the burden.


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