From the name, we will describe the clear difference between 'long term resident' and 'permanent resident' for those who can't grasp the difference or seem to understand the difference.

First of all, regarding "long term residence", the Japanese Ministry of Justice give consideration to admit those residence who specify their period of stay (a range not exceeding 5 years) due to special reasons.

As an easy-to-understand example of the "special reason" mentioned, in the case where a foreign wife (or husband) who was staying in Japan due to the status of residence of having a "Japanese spouse" is divorced or they become deceased and that person wishes to continue to stay in Japan after such an event.

Although there is a deadline for the period of stay, there is no restriction on the scope of activities conducted in Japan, so you can perform any work.

Next, regarding "permanent resident", this is the status of residence that can be obtained by receiving "permission" from the Japanese Ministry of Justice under the procedure called "application for permanent residence".

"Permanent resident" has greater merit such as unlimited period of stay (renewals unnecessary) and improved social trustworthiness, unlike the "long term residence" mentioned above.

However, not everyone can apply for permission of "permanent resident".

There are a few conditions and you need to meet all of them.

As a general rule, residing Japan for more than 10 years, have good behavior, and having a stable income, etc.

Also, when you visit Japan, you can not apply for permanent residence from the beginning of your stay as other prerequisites of that status of residence is required.

As with long term residence, there is no limit to the scope of activities.

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