International Related Service

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What is International Related Service?

Because of the world becoming more internationalized, there has been an increase of foreign people from different countries living in Japan. Foreign residents are permitted to be active within the limits of their ‘resident permit’, and ‘period of stay’, when arriving. In the event modifications are needed, (such as wanting to change the status of residence, or renew/extend the period of stay),  it is required to receive ‘permission’ from the Immigration Bureau of Japan, due to Japanese Law. If foreign residents engage in certain activities that are unauthorized under their status of residence, they will be at risk for deportation. These official formalities are essential for foreign residents to have a positive experience.
These services of supporting with formalities are called ‘International Related Service’.

Target case examples of our service are as follows:
・ Renewing (extending) the period of stay → Application for Extension of Period of Stay
・ Changing the status of residence → Application for The Change of Status of Residence
・ Engaging in an activity other than permitted by status of residence
→ Application for Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than Permitted Under the  Status of Residence Previously Granted
・Re-entering Japan → Application for Re-Entry Permit
・Living in Japan permanently → Application for Permanent Residence
・Obtaining Japan citizenship → Applying for Permission for Naturalization in Japan

Characteristics of Our Service

Generally, foreign residents are required to apply for themselves, in-person. (Rule of appearing in-person)
However, our office is qualified to handle applications in the event that the general ‘in-person’ rule cannot be met. Therefore, if the general ‘in-person’ rule cannot be met, a certified immigration lawyer will file all the paperwork related to entering and staying in Japan.   Since foreign residents don’t have to do everything themselves, they can focus on jobs and/or schoolwork, to reduce the amount of burden on themselves.

Information About Fees

Application for Certificate of Eligibility
Authorized Qualification of Employment
Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services162,000yen〜
Skilled Labor162,000yen〜
Unauthorized Qualification of Employment
Short Stay32,400yen
Studying Abroad162,000yen〜
Family Dependent Stay43,200yen
Qualification of Residence
Spouse of Japanese162,000yen〜
Spouse of Permanent Resident162,000yen〜
Application for Change of Status of Residence
Operation/ Management194,400yen〜
Application for Extension of Period of Stay
Operation/ Management75,600yen
Other Applications
Application for Permanent Residence194,400yen〜
Application for Re-entry Permit21,600yen
Application for Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted32,400yen
Application for Certificate of Authorized Employment43,200yen

 ・Additional charge for revenue stamp, when receiving permit.
 ・Additional charge for travelling.
 ・Additional charge if foreign translation is needed.
 ・These examples above are just part of our service.
Please feel free to ask us questions for any other information you may have.

Do You Have Any Questions/Concerns Like These?

Q1 Do “VISA” and “Resident Permit” mean the same?
They are commonly mixed up, but are two different things entirely. A VISA (Certificate of Eligibility) is considered ‘a recommendation letter’ when entering Japan, whereas a Resident Permit is considered the qualification given for activities, after entering Japan.
Q2 I’d like to bring over foreign chefs from their homeland, and hire them at domestic restaurants.
You can receive certification of a resident permit before entering Japan (Application for Certificate of Eligibility). By receiving the certificate in advance, the evaluation for the application to issue a VISA will go smoothly.
Q3 After traveling abroad temporarily, can I re-enter Japan?
Yes, you can apply for a Re-Entry Permit before leaving the country (Japan). If you have a valid VISA and Residence Permit, you don’t need a Re-Entry Permit. If you re-enter within a year (within two years for special permanent residents) with the intention of coming back to Japan, there will be no need for a Re-Entry Permit.
Q4 I’m an international student. Can I be employed (as a part-timer) while I live in Japan?
‘Application for Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted’, will be needed. Also, you should keep in mind that working hours should be no more than 28 hours a week (up to 8 hours a day during a long vacation).
Q5 I came to Japan legally. Is it possible to obtain a Permanent Resident Certification immediately after arriving in Japan?
‘Application for Permanent Residence’ is much more strict when it comes to the process of evaluating the important conditions needed to obtain permanent residency, compared to the changes of regular certificate of eligibility. Generally, living in Japan for 10 years in a row, is one of the most important conditions needed to be met to obtain an Application for Permanent Residence.
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